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A video gives you a whole new way to relive your wedding.

Weddings are one of the most important days of your life. You spend months planning and preparing for this one day and before you know it, it flashes by. One way to look back at this magical day is through your wedding photos, but what if there was another way to relive the moment? Wedding photos are only a snapshot of one specific moment, whereas a video is the entire moment. A video gives you a whole new way to relive your wedding.

With a video, you are able to experience things that you would not be able to do with just a photo. You get to hear the vows and witness them as though you are a guest at your own wedding. You also are able to hear the toasts which hold so much emotion that a picture just cannot capture. Not only is it a different way to view your wedding, but it can also collects moments you may not see. For example, imagine a picture of your guests laughing at your reception. With a photo, you only see them laughing. However, with video, you understand why they are laughing and have the chance to be a part of that moment. A video captures the entirety of that point in time.

Not only can you see different times in your wedding of you and your spouse, but you also get to see your guests. Some brides have said that their wedding video is the last moment they have on film with some of their elderly relatives. You get to see how your guests celebrate your special day!

We also shoot wedding videos with a drone, which gives a unique perspective that not everyone gets to have. Drones offer a view point that you can show off where you got married that venue you carefully selected.

With weddings slowly coming back, small scale so far........ this should be one of those moments that would be vital to incorporate video. Why? video will make it easier to share with loved ones that would not be able to share your day.

Got questions ? we would love to hear from you and hear about your stories.

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