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Father Daughter First look

On your wedding day, you will see your father one way or another, but when you plan a father daughter first look, you are setting the moment up in a way that allows me to be ready for the action and the organic emotions that result from that moment when you see each other for the first time!

Imagine stepping into your wedding dress on the morning of your wedding and your mom helps fasten your veil and your maid of honor does one last teeth check. Then, in scenario 1, you can hurry from the hotel room to meet dad in the crowded lobby before you catch the limo to the church. Or, in scenario 2, you take an extra breath and then mom opens up the hotel door to allow your dad to enter the bridal room. Dad will see you, his little girl, on a day that came impossibly fast; your wedding day. His daughter who, he swears was just 6 years old, is now a bride in her wedding dress. ** Cue the Tears!! **

Wouldn't you want that moment photographed or even better caught on Video?! I know I would!

In the first scenario of seeing dad in the hotel lobby, which is bound to be full of people and bell hops running around, the moment when he sees you for the first time might be emotionally muted in the midst of a public setting and the rush of getting to the ceremony. If, like in the second scenario, we plan to surprise dad with you completely done up and in a controlled and private environment, you both will feel more relaxed and free to have a natural reaction without feeling rushed! If scenario 2 sounds like you, then you will LOVE the father daughter first look.

Capturing moments that you will tresure forever.

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